Monday, May 31, 2010

I Found My Los Angeles Bankruptcy Attorney on eBay!

I'm not kidding! I wasn't really looking for a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney on eBay..that would be absurd...but not as absurd as actually finding one on eBay.

I was looking for books on bankruptcy and stumbled across this law firm's ad for Los Angeles bankruptcy attorneys. I had already consulted with a few other bankruptcy attorneys that I had found online, but hadn't yet found one that I was both comfortable with and could afford.

This guy sounded affordable so, after googling him and finding that he and his firm had a good reputation, I called and set up a consultation for that afternoon.

I had been doing my homework online for months preparing for this bankruptcy so I already had a list of questions but I was nervous. He quickly put me at ease though, and that was no easy feat.

So after a successful consultation, I finally had an Attorney. It was the strangest feeling. I had a bankruptcy attorney.

I would not hesitate again to find an attorney online. Mine no longer advertises on eBay--I just checked--I don't know why. Guess it wasn't as good for him as it was for me...ahem. Unless you know someone who can recommend a good bankruptcy attorney, which isn't likely since no one likes to discuss bankruptcy, finding your lawyer online is probably the best way. If that makes you uncomfortable, well, there's still the yellow pages.

Or if you're one of those broke but brave types, you file pro se (without an attorney) but I'll discuss that in another post. Me, I needed the comfort that came with having an attorney. I needed a bankruptcy blankie.

My Los Angeles Bankruptcy attorney has to be my best eBay find ever!


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